sweet scope
The interactive artworks in Choreographed Events may be choreographed by various factors. It could be the curator or artists behind this exhibition who have created the activations for you, it might be technology, it might be algorithmic processes choreographing the activations. Or you might be the choreographer within this exhibition because of your presence and interaction with the works.
The exhibition Choreographed Events could be designed to challenge conventional narratives, which some viewers might interpret through a conspiratorial lens. From another perspective, the lights, sound, motion and patterns could establish the relationship between activations in the exhibition space and natural phenomena.

Curation: Bogomir Doringer
Artists: Aliki van der Kruijs & Jos Klarenbeek, Heleen Blanken, Harm van den Dorpel, Jeppe Lange, Nanno Simonis, Studio Moniker and Sweet Scope.

2 September - 5 November 2023
Garage Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Pictures: Bas Czerwinski