sweet scope
Leaning Sounds is an interactive installation inviting the user to apprehend and perceive the environment through the use of sounds. By touching and moving around the objects, one can reach different sonorities and reveal the space around them.

Spaces we live in are defined by function. In the space we offer, sound becomes an architectural element giving a new meaning to the environment. By controlling and shaping sounds, the user appreciates space in a unique way. The physical pieces that lie in it are the receptacle of diverse sonorities, each of them specific to a point in space. It is by seeking to apprehend these different sound points that the user takes possession of the place. We believe that allowing sound to be a composing element of a space is a necessary abstraction. It is by considering our habitats as places of poetry that we would like to widen the field of our sensory prospects, introducing into spaces a rational yet dreamlike perspective.

The structures that compose the installation invite the observer to move around it in order to understand their forms and perspectives. It is by touching them that the user will reveal their potential. Each one of their conductive layers will allow a different sound to be broadcasted into space. It is by seeking to reach these different layers that the room will be filled with sounds, tones becoming vectors for discovering space, giving meaning and function to shapes that had none before.

Pictures: Aad Hoogendoorn