sweet scope is an art and design studio aiming to gently impact spaces through interactive sound installations. We seek a rational yet poetic future where functionality is defined by dreamlike ideals. These principles apply through the use of sounds, shapes and colours refining and stimulating our environments.


        leaning sounds

        sounds of touches

        melodic gesture




Sound of touches is an architectural and intuitive device.
It invites the player to musical creation through a sensorial object that stands out from classical synthesizers by its shape, colors, and readability. Through a system of organized proportions, the object emits sounds in accordance with its shape.

The device can be discovered and understood by its simple use, no technical knowledge being required to experience it.
The sounds arising from the forms are amplified and distorted. Some are analogous and respond to pressure from a hand
or the pluck of a string. Others echo the direct environment in which the instrument is placed, notably by a game of light intensity.
Digital sounds are thus directly linked to the real world.
The physical architecture of the instrument therefore becomes the unaltered reflection of the sounds it emits, allowing music to be perceived as a living and intuitive game of proportions.