sweet scope
Take Care! Of your mind, body, and environment, is an immersive show exhibiting projects focused on tackling contemporary issues that cover both the social and individual spheres. Take Care!, an absolute novelty in the Isola District, is the very first event to highlight individual and collective wellness, stated in all its meanings. The inequity in access to food resources, the fast deterioration of the environment, and the excessive production of waste are just a few examples of some of the most urgent topics of our time. The projects on display work towards raising awareness on those themes bringing up crucial questions, and promoting both conceptual and practical solutions.

Curation: Tellurico
Artists/Designers: Post Industrial Craft, Team Aaa, Michela Panizza, Noppi, Lea Studios, Frank Chou, Jennifer Keusgen, Diana Pang, Ana Koruga, Giacomo De Paoli, Lorolori Studio, Astrid Luglio, Marco Cagnoni, Bionicraft, Andrea De Chirico, Sweet Scope

18 April - 23 April 2023
Stecca3.0, Milano, Italy